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The BMI Sleep Laboratory is looking for adults age 20‐35 years old to participate in two research studies. Participants must be in good health and describe themselves as a “good” sleeper. Participants will be asked to complete some questionnaires to verify that they are eligible to participate.

To enquire about participating, please fill out the: research participation enquiry form.

study 1: daytime napping study

This study aims to investigate the relationship between brain patterns that relate to a specific mental activity and sleep. Eligible participants will be asked to spend three, non‐consecutive days in the sleep laboratory where their brain activity will be recorded via electrodes placed on their scalp and face. On two of the three days, participants will be asked to perform either a spatial navigation or a motor skill task. Following this, participants will be given several opportunities to take several short daytime naps.

study 2: overnight study

This study is now complete. Thank you to those who participated! Check back here in the future for new studies.